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Whether you're braving your first Brazilian or you're a waxing veteran, there's no substitute for having a wax treatment delivered by an professional, experienced Beautician. A skilled waxing treatment is a semi-permanent form of hair removal which extracts the hair from the root on just about any part of your body leaving it silky smooth for 2-8 weeks depending on where the hair is within the growth cycle.


There's no getting around the fact that hurts, however a skilled Beautician keeps the pain to a minimum & the feeling is momentary. In fact over time you'll grow accustomed to the experience & find that the re-growth is finer & less uncomfortable.


What to expect: You'll be asked to lie on your back & your Beautician will use a wooden spatula to gently spread a thin layer of a specially formulated wax to the area you wish to be hair-free. Then they'll press a cloth or paper strip over top of the wax & with lightening speed take away the wax strip in the opposite direction of growth, removing all the hair (& wax too). They repeat the process until the desired area is hair free. Pretty simple. Hair length should be at least 1/4 of an inch long & it's recommended that you exfoliate the area gently for a few days after your treatment to reduce the risk of ingrown hair. Silky, smooth, sexy skin. Oh-la-la!

Hair removal has been a ritual for both men & women for centuries. The ancient Egyptians & Greeks paved the way for waxing as too did many Middle Eastern societies because the fact is that we like being hair-free & consider it fashionable & comfortable. That's why waxing has stood the test of time.


Using a warm resin-based wax product, the wax is applied to the area in the direction of hair growth, then a fabric or paper strip is pressed down & removed quickly in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Presto! No more hair there. You can pretty much wax just about anything but word to the wise: Waxing is a job for the experienced otherwise it can be not only unnecessarily painful, messy & deliver mixed results, it can also be dangerous. A professional Beautician is always the best bet as they've developed techniques over the years plus they'll make you feel at ease.

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