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A Vichy Shower is a transcendent hydrotherapy treatment, which resets your mind & melts away all your worries. The sensation of abundant warm water flowing across your skin increases blood circulation, hydrates the skin, stimulates the nervous system & releases muscular tension.


A Vichy Shower is essentially a horizontal shower consisting of several water jets positioned above you whilst you recline with a modesty towel on a comfortable cushioned treatment table. The Therapist adjusts the shower jet pattern, pressure, placement & water temperature to deliver the most amazing, pressure point massage which for some clients creates a sensation of floating on water.


The treatment often includes a body scrub or wrap to combine the healing power of water, gentle touch & luxurious products.  It’s truly a heavenly, nurturing experience – highly, highly recommended.

In Vichy, France exists five stunning natural mineral springs, which inspired the design of the therapeutic Vichy shower. A Vichy shower consists of 5-7 horizontal shower jets positioned above a cushioned, shallow bed where the client reclines while water showers the body. It may be used as a standalone treatment or conclude a body scrub or body wrap. The pulsating massage stimulates circulation in the body & relaxes tired, sore muscles.

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