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Introduction & Definitions

Hi and welcome to (“us”,“our”, “we”, “site”). Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By accessing, searching on, purchasing on or browsing on our site, or by receiving items from us, or by using our site in any way, you are agreeing to all of these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change this site and these terms and conditions without notice.


Throughout this document “Voucher” meansthe right to be supplied an item as purchased on from one of our providers (subject to these terms and conditions). This is provided either as an electronic PDF file via email, or as a physical voucher posted or couriered out.


Throughout this document “Item” means any product, service, therapy, treatment or anything else able to be purchased on


If you have any questions regarding these terms & conditions please contact us via our site, or email us at


Non Advice & Independent 

All of the information on this site including but not limited to the search results, therapy research, user comments and reviews & item descriptions, are not intended or inferred to be advice of any kind, including but not limited to medical advice or diagnosis. We provide no guarantee that any item listed on this site will be beneficial in any way. Furthermore some of the items listed on our site could potentially carry some risk of injury. We make no guarantee and accept no liability with regard to the safety of any item listed on our site. We recommend that you consult a licensed physician or qualified health care professional for advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment of any health related condition.


We are completely independent and as such do not recommend, endorse or suggest any treatment, therapy, product or service listed on our site. This includes any result displayed from any search. Furthermore we do not recommend, endorse or suggest any provider on this site.


Content provided on this site, our social media pages and newsletters is solely for informational purposes. This information is in some cases sourced from third parties and while these third parties are experts in their fields, we make no guarantees as to their correctness or completeness.

Making a Purchase

When you purchase and/or redeem a voucher and check the box that says 'I have carefully read and I understand and accept the Terms and Conditions', you become legally bound by these terms and conditions. Do not complete a purchase on or use until you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. If you have any queries, please contact us at and we will be pleased to assist.

Gift Certificates

A Gift Certificate is a voucher with a dollar value and not for any specific item. These can be used as currency to purchase any item on the site. To redeem a gift certificate enter the voucher code and email address in the gift certificate section on the shopping cart page. The following rules apply to gift certificates;

  1. Gift Certificates are valid for 12 months, subject to the rest of this document.

  2. Vouchers purchased using a gift certificate are assigned the same expiry date as the gift certificate.

  3. Normal voucher expiry extension rules apply.

  4. Gift certificates are NOT eligible for the 14 day 'change of mind' refund policy.

  5. Vouchers purchased with a gift certificates are NOT eligible for the 14 day 'change of mind' refund policy.

  6. Gift certificates used to purchase a voucher of lesser value remain active and are re-issued at the new value (value prior to purchase less cost of purchase). The re-issued gift certificate keeps its original expiry date.

  7. If a gift certificate is being used to purchase an item of the same value, then the gift certificate will be considered redeemed.

  8. If a gift certificate is being used to purchase an item of higher value, then the gift certificate will considered redeemed, and the purchaser will be prompted to pay the difference in price.

Gift Vouchers

A Gift Voucher is a voucher purchased as a gift for a specific item. The following rules apply to gift vouchers;

  1. Standard voucher expiry dates & extension rules apply.

  2. Standard voucher exchange rules apply.

  3. Gift vouchers are NOT eligible for the 14 day refund policy.

Redeeming a Voucher

To receive the item you purchased a voucher for, you redeem your voucher to the specified provider. To redeem a voucher you just need to provide the voucher number and email address to the provider. If you receive your voucher electronically we highly recommend saving the voucher in your smart phone or portable digital device. If you received a physical voucher, we recommend taking a photo of the voucher with your smart phone to show the provider, or taking the physical voucher to the provider. Alternatively you can use your portable digital device with internet connection to access our site to get the required information. It is your responsibility to provide your voucher number and email address, both at the time you book your appointment to receive your item, and also when you arrive at your appointment to receive your item.

14 Day Purchase Refund

If you purchase a voucher from us and then change your mind about that purchase, we’ll refund the cost of that purchase back to you subject to the below conditions:

  1. The voucher must be active.

  2. Refunds can be requested either in your member portal, or by clicking on ’14 Day Refund’ on our home page, or by clicking on ‘Manage Voucher’ at the top of almost any page. You must then complete the questions and submit the refund request.

  3. Please allow two business days for your refund request to be processed.

  4. Gift vouchers and gift certificates do NOT qualify for this refund policy.

  5. Vouchers purchased with a gift certificate are not eligible for this refund policy.

  6. Refunds must be requested within 14 days of the voucher being purchased.

  7. The refund excludes any delivery fees paid at the time of purchase.

  8. Refunds are issued by reversing the method and amount of the voucher purchase. When multiple vouchers are purchased in one transaction credit card refunds will be issued first, followed by PayPal amounts, gift certificate, and then Karma Coins.

  9. Any portion of a voucher purchased with a promo code is not refunded.

  10. If a purchaser submits multiple refund request, we reserve the right to stop selling to that purchaser.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you have purchased a Voucher from us and redeemed that voucher to receive the item, and you are not satisfied that the item was as described on our site, then you are entitled to a refund of the value of that voucher subject to the conditions below:

  1. Refunds can be requested either in your member portal, or by clicking on ‘100% Money Back Guarantee’ on our home page, or by clicking on ‘Manage Voucher’ at the top of almost any page. You must then complete the questions and submit the refund request.

  2. Please allow two business days for your refund request to be processed.

  3. Refunds must be requested within 48 hours of the voucher being redeemed.

  4. The refund excludes any delivery fees paid at the time of purchase.

  5. Refunds are issued by reversing the method and amount of the voucher purchase. When multiple vouchers are purchased in one transaction credit card refunds will be issued first, followed by PayPal amounts, gift certificates, and then Karma Coins.

  6. Any portion of a voucher purchased with a promo code is not refunded.

  7. If a refund is granted on a voucher purchased partially with Karma Coins and partially via online payment (e.g. credit card or PayPal), then the Karma Coins portion will be reinstated back to the purchaser retaining their original expiry date, and the online payment portion will be paid back into the account that was used to purchase that voucher.

  8. After the refund period (48 hours from supply of the item) has expired, no refund requests will be accepted.

  9. If a purchaser submits frequent refund requests and/or if we determine that the purchaser is attempting to be misleading about an item not being as described on our site in an attempt to avoid paying for that item, then we reserve the right not to issue a refund on that item and to stop selling to that purchaser.


Guarantees and Warranties required by law. complies with Australian Consumer Law in respect of guarantees and warranties for our items. In respect of products it is our responsibility to ensure the products are of acceptable quality, free from defects and fit for the purpose considering the prices and description provided to you at the point of sale. If the product does not fulfil any of these criteria then we will consider a refund based on each case so long as the complaint is made to us within a reasonable period of time.


In respect of items supplied by our providers it is the independent providers who supply these to you following the redemption of a voucher. The providers accept responsibility for compliance with the Australian Consumer Law. This applies to both products and services supplied by the providers. is not the provider of these items. certifies specific complementary and alternative therapy providers in an attempt to list only high quality practitioners. This however is no guarantee of quality and in no way recommends or endorses any provider listed on our site.

Anytime Free Exchange

If you've purchased a voucher or been given a gift voucher that doesn't interest you, you can exchange it as many times as you like for free while it’s active. Exchanges are actioned immediately and are subject to the below rules:

  1. Exchanges are only permitted for active vouchers. Once a voucher has been redeemed, has expired, is cancelled, has been refunded, or has a status other than ‘active’ it cannot be exchanged.

  2. To exchange a voucher you must either login to your member portal and click on “Exchange a voucher”, or click on ‘Anytime Free Exchange’ on our home page, or click on ‘Manage Voucher’ at the top of almost any page. You must then provide the requested information and submit the exchange request.

  3. You can exchange your voucher for an item of the same or a different value. If you exchange your voucher for a voucher of the same value the original expiry date will apply.

  4. If you exchange a voucher for an item of lesser value, the remaining balance will be issued as a gift certificate to you and retain the expiry date of the original purchase.

  5. If you exchange a voucher for an item of higher value, you will be prompted to pay the difference. The original expiry date will apply.

Medical Evidence Based Results

When you conduct a symptom search on our site, the site may list therapies that may or may not help that symptom. These results are based on health & Wellness Bottom Line Monographs provided by Natural Medicines (an independent third party). This data includes evidence-based (from scientific medical research) information on effectiveness, side effects, interactions, dosing, and considerations during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We purchase a subscription to this data and the rights to display these results on our site. We do not alter the meaning of this data in any way. The therapy results are provided in order from most effective (top of list) to least effective (bottom of list) according to the Natural Standards grading. Where more than one therapy has shown the same level of effectiveness those are displayed in alphabetical order.


Additionally we provide a number of examples of actual medical research conducted on the efficacy of some therapies and treatments. This is provided as additional information for the user to determine if that therapy or treatment is one they should consider for them.


It is important to note that the therapy results on our site reflect the evidence based research conducted. We do not recommend, endorse or suggest any treatment, therapy or any particular Provider. For further information on this please read the 'Non Advice & Independant' section above, or contact us at

Providers & Certification

Before we accept any Provider onto our site, we require them to meet our minimum certification requirements. These requirements can be seen by clicking on ‘Certified Practitioners’ on our home page. While we make every effort to ensure that these requirements continue to be met, we are unable to guarantee that they are for every provider.


The following points relate to the relationship between us, our providers and anyone using our site in any way:

  1. Vouchers are sold by us as agent for businesses that provide health and wellness related items.

  2. We have no responsibility for any items supplied or not supplied by the providers or any other party.

  3. The providers supply items directly to customers.

  4. All our vouchers are issued subject to the terms and conditions of each provider, these terms and conditions and our other policies.

  5. We do not control the business operations of any provider.

  6. We make no guarantees or warranties about the services that are provided to you by the providers, other than those listed in these terms and conditions.

  7. We reserve the right to stop offering any voucher at any time. Active vouchers held for items that are no longer offered may be exchanged to any other voucher on our site for free, subject to our standard exchange policies.

  8. Businesses wishing to become a provider on must firstly submit the enquiry form on the provider page.


We guarantee that you will not pay more for items purchased through us than the price the provider charges to customers. This is an agreement we have with every provider. If you believe that you’ve been charged more by purchasing through please contact us so we can investigate this. If you’re offered a cheaper price by purchasing directly with a provider please contact us within 48 hours of receiving the item and we will provide you with a refund of the difference between what you paid and the lower price that was offered to you.


We reserve the right to change prices without notice. All prices are in Australian dollars. All transactions are done in Australian dollars, or are subject to conversion to Australian dollars. All prices include Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Voucher Transfers

All active vouchers are fully transferable for free. This is simply done by exchanging a voucher for a Gift Voucher or gift certificate and emailing it to the recipient. accepts no responsibility for any stolen or fraudulent Vouchers. It is the holder's responsibility to ensure the safe keeping of their voucher(s). Transferred vouchers retain the original expiry date and value. Karma Coins may not be transferred under any circumstances.

Lost Vouchers

Members can access all their vouchers in their member portal. Non members can re print vouchers by clicking on ‘Manage Voucher’ at the top of almost any page.

Voucher Expiry & Extensions

All our vouchers(accept some 'deal' vouchers) are valid for 12 months from their purchase date. If the voucher has not been redeemed after 12 months from initial purchase you can request an extension. This can be done by members in the member portal or for any user by clicking on 'Manage Voucher' at the top of almost any page. Any extension granted is at the discretion of and is valid for a maximum of 3 months from the original expiration date. During an extension period, if the cost of the item has increased since the initial purchase you may be required to pay the difference. The voucher must be used and redeemed during the extension period. After the 3 month extension period the voucher is dead and cannot be extended.


‘Deal’ vouchers may have specific expiration dates of less than 12 months. Deal voucher expiry dates CANNOT be extended as these are offered for a specific time period. Check the expiry date of each special offer voucher before purchasing it.


Dead vouchers are non-refundable in whole or in part and may no longer be redeemed. Any unused value at the date of expiry becomes the property of The expiry date is clearly displayed on all vouchers and also listed in the member portal.

Voucher & Product Delivery

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide the correct delivery address, be it electronic or physical. We cannot be held responsible for any damaged, missing or delayed orders where incorrect or incomplete delivery details have been provided.


All electronic vouchers are delivered by email. Products are dispatched from our office in Sydney, or from the Providers premises. We are not liable or responsible for any loss suffered as a result of a voucher delivered via email being blocked by filters or firewalls, or where the incorrect email address has been entered by the purchaser. If the recipient does not receive the email voucher, please contact us immediately and request that we send the voucher to an alternative email address. Alternatively, we can change the delivery method which would incur the normal delivery fee of that service.


For products, a redelivery charge will apply if the item is lost after receipt, or if the recipient is unavailable for receipt of delivery, or if the delivery address is incorrect or if there is no safe place to leave the item.


Delivery via Standard Post

Standard Post delivery is via Australia Post. We accept no responsibility for any damage, loss or delay as a result of using Australia Post's service. We offer free gift voucher and gift certificate delivery via standard post on vouchers valued at $150 or more.


Delivery via Express Post (Australia only)

Express Post delivery is via Australia Post. We accept no responsibility for any damage, loss or delay as a result of using Australia Post's service. We can provide you with the Express Post tracking code to contact Australia Post in the event you need to locate the whereabouts of your delivery.


Australia Post only guarantees next day delivery to certain postcodes nationally. To view this list, please visit Australia Post.


A redelivery charge of $11 will apply if the item is lost after receipt, or if the recipient is unavailable for receipt of delivery, or if the delivery address is incorrect or if there is no safe place to leave the item.


Delivery via Courier

  1. We use various contracted courier companies. We accept no responsibility for any damage, loss or delay as a result of using this service. Delivery charges are non-refundable.

  2. Courier delivery is only available to metropolitan areas of capital cities, excluding Perth and Darwin. Couriers deliver between 9am and 5pm (Mon-Fri) and specific times cannot be guaranteed.

  3. Same day delivery is only available within the Sydney Metropolitan area and must be placed before 12:00pm Sydney time to guarantee same day delivery.

  4. Orders for interstate couriers need to be placed before 12.00pm Sydney time two working days prior to the required delivery date. We make no guarantees with regards to delivery dates and times.

  5. The courier delivery charge will apply if the item is lost after receipt, or if the recipient is unavailable for receipt of delivery, or if the delivery address is incorrect or if there is no safe place to leave the item.

Our Liability

You agree, to the maximum extent permitted by law to forever indemnify us, our directors, officers, employees, information providers and partners from and against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, losses, damages and expenses which may be brought against or made upon us in connection with the use of or interruption to use of our site.

Availability of Items

All items are offered by the Providers subject to availability. If you would like to book during peak times (such as weekends or holidays), you should book well in advance. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to contact the provider to book in a time to receive their item.

Booking Cancellations

Once you make a booking with a provider, if you cancel it you may incur a cancellation fee from that provider. Our providers have their own cancellation policies which you are bound to follow. In the case of short notice cancellations by you, you may lose the entire value of your voucher if the provider is unable to fill your space on the day. If a provider needs to cancel an item for any reason, that provider will notify you as soon as possible in order to reschedule a convenient alternative date. We will not reimburse any travelling, accommodation or other expenses incurred by you or any other person in the event of a cancellation.

The Weather

Some items are weather dependent. We highly recommend that you contact your Provider the day before your booking if your item is weather dependant. If bad weather affects a booking it will be rescheduled at no cost to you. You are required to reschedule your booking.

Complaints or Problems Whilst Receiving an item

If you have a problem or a complaint while receiving your item, or immediately after receiving your item, please bring this to the Provider's attention immediately. They may be able to rectify it on the spot. If you feel you may be injured in any way, we highly recommend you seeing a licenced physician or healthcare professional immediately.

Provider Insurances

Some of the items listed on our site carry some risk of injury or death. Prior to receiving any item you should be aware of the risks involved. Providers warrant that they maintain appropriate public liability insurance for all risks associated with their business and service provisions. We make no warranty or representation about their business or services whatsoever. The responsibility rests with you to make independent enquiries with the provider or other third parties as to the need to acquire your own insurance cover.

Health Insurance

We provide the option for our users to enter their health insurer and extras package information. We then list indicative health insurance rebate amounts to applicable vouchers. THE REBATE AMOUNT WE PROVIDE IS AN ESTIMATE ONLY. DO NOT RELY ON THIS FIGURE TO BE ACCURATE. Every effort is made to provide accurate rebate information, however due to the extremely complicated health insurance system in Australia, it is impossible for us to provide the correct information every time. It is your responsibility to contact your health insurer and have them confirm any rebate amount you may be entitled to.

Descriptions of Items

We pride ourselves on providing accurate and up to date information. The information on our site is sourced from some of the most respected data providers in the world, including the providers on our site. Even this is not sufficient to guarantee that an item description is perfect. The provider will notify you of any subsequent changes when you make your booking. Your participation in each item is conditional upon your acceptance of the provider's terms and conditions at the time your booking is confirmed by the provider.

Text & Images on Our Sites

The text and illustrations (including photographs) used by us are used as an indication only of that item and are protected by copyright and must not be copied in whole or in part without our express permission.


You may not copy, reproduce in any way or format, or otherwise exploit any portion of our site for any reason unless expressly permitted by us in writing. We reserve the right to refuse access to our site, terminate memberships and accounts, and cancel vouchers at our discretion, if we believe that any user of our site has violated an applicable law, breached these terms and conditions or harmed our interests.

Restrictions on Therapies and Services

Certain items supplied by our providers are subject to minimum age, weight, health or other restrictions. These restrictions will be pointed out by the provider. Please consider this information carefully. It is your responsibility to understand and accept any restrictions prior to receiving your item.

Promotional Offers

We offer promotional discounts and special offers (promo codes) from time to time. To use a Promo code enter the code number on the cart page where prompted. By redeeming any of our Promo codes, you agree to accept and comply with all of the following terms and conditions of use.

  1. All discounts arising from Promo codes (percentage or dollar discounts) are applied to the payment (e.g. credit card or PayPal) portion of transactions and do not apply to the portion of purchase made with Karma Coins.

  2. Promo codes must be used before the designated expiration date. No extensions will be allowed.

  3. Unless otherwise specified Promo codes may only be used once per person.

  4. Where multiple discounts apply, the user will receive the maximum discount available.

  5. We reserve the right to verify the validity of Promo code use at any time. If we have reason to believe there has been any unauthorised use of promo codes we may cease all activity on that Account and cancel affected vouchers.

  6. We reserve the right to remove any Promo code without notice at any time.

Karma Coins

Karma Coins are our virtual (non-legal tender) currency that are earned by our members, and which may be used as currency to purchase items on our site. We award Karma Coins to our members for specific actions. Below are the basic rules;

  1. Our Karma Coins are only able to be earned by our members. Guests will be given the opportunity to sign in or become a member for free on the checkout page.

  2. Karma Coins are awarded on the completion of each purchase and only on the portion of purchases made with credit card or PayPal. Karma Coins are not awarded on the portion of a purchase made with Karma Coins, Promo Codes or Gift Certificates.

  3. Karma Coins are valid for 12 months and no extensions are granted.

  4. Karma Coins cannot be transferred under any circumstances.

  5. If an account is cancelled all Karma Coins will also be cancelled and their dollar value will be deemed as having zero value.


How to earn Karma Coins:

  1. You earn 1 Karma Coin for each $1 you spend on our site.

  2. You’re awarded 200 Karma Coins just for becoming a member on our site. These points can be used as a discount off your first purchase.

  3. You’re awarded 10 Karma Coins for following us on each of our social media pages when clicked through from our website.

  4. You’re awarded 10 Karma Coins for sharing your purchase on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn via the order success page.

  5. You’re awarded 10 Karma Coins for rating and reviewing an item on our site.

  6. You’re awarded 10 Karma Coins for sharing your rating & review on our social media pages.

  7. From time to time we will run promotions in which we award additional bonus Karma Coins. This could be for making a specific purchase, winning a competition, or just because we feel generous that day.


How to spend Karma Coins:

  1. Simply click in the 'Apply my Karma Coins' circle on the shopping cart page. Your Karma Coins will then be applied to that purchase and the price will be reduced accordingly.

  2. Each Karma Coin is worth 5 cents. 100 points equals a $5 discount


When creating a new membership or when requested by you, we may assign you a password to enable you to access your member portal. Your email address is your username. You can manage your email address and password in your member portal.


You are responsible for all access to and use of this site by anyone using your username and password. This includes all purchases, ratings, reviews, support and email communication and all other obligations associated with your membership. You are solely responsible for protecting your username and password. You agree to immediately notify us if you believe that there has been any unauthorized access or use of your member portal or any threatened breach of this Site's security.

Reviews, Comments and Ratings

Anything that you submit or post to our site or any of our social media pages and/or provide us, including star ratings, reviews, comments, questions and suggestions (collectively, "Submissions") is and will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary, and we shall have the royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable and transferable right to use, copy, distribute, display, publish, transmit, adapt those submissions by any means and in any form. All Submissions shall automatically become our sole and exclusive property and shall not be returned to you.


In addition to the rights applicable to any submission, when you provide any submissions to us, on our site or any of our social media pages, you also grant us the right to use your first name and suburb, in connection with your submission. You represent and warrant any submissions you make to us, our website or social media pages will not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party. It is not normal practise, however we may remove or edit any submissions (including comments or reviews) if we believe that it is in poor taste, is offensive in language, it violates any laws or these terms & conditions, or is harmful to our business.


Submissions or opinions expressed on our site and our social media sites are that of the individual expressing such submission and may not reflect our opinions. Item representations expressed on our site are that of the provider and are not made by us.


Providers are not permitted to submit star ratings or reviews on their own items, or on items of a direct competitor, unless they legitimately received the item. Any rating or review found to be intentionally misleading will be removed.


You can sign up to become a member by clicking on ‘Join’ on the top right corner of our site. Our members have the use of their member portal and the facilities included in it. We reserve the right to cancel any membership or decline any membership application at any time and for any reason.

Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy and we're committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers and website visitors. This Privacy Policy applies to the collection, storage, use and dissemination by us of our user’s personal information on the Site and our social media pages and blog. Our privacy policy complies with the National Privacy Principles established by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the 2014 Australian Privacy Principles reform. “Personal information” is information we hold which is identifiable as being about you.


What personal information we collect and hold:

From time to time we receive and store personal information you enter into our site, provide to us directly or enter into our forms. You may provide basic information such as your name, phone number, address and email address to enable us to send information, provide updates and process your product or service order. We may collect additional information at other times, including but not limited to, when you provide feedback, when you provide information about your personal or business affairs, change your content or email preference, respond to surveys and/or promotions, provide financial or credit card information, or communicate with our customer support. Additionally, we may also collect any other information you provide while interacting with us.


Users have the option to sign up as a member by providing an email address. Members also have the option of providing additional information such as their gender, date of birth, health insurance details, mobile phone number & post code details. Members have the opportunity to 'opt-out' of receiving emailed newsletters by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email newsletter they receive from us. Additionally contact preferences can be updated in their member portal.


We collect additional information from our Providers such as their business name, trading name, ABN number, banking details & contact details.


How we collect and hold information:

We collect personal information from you in a variety of ways, including when you interact with us electronically or in person, when you access our website and when we provide our services to you. We may receive personal information from third parties. If we do, we will protect it as set out in this Privacy Policy.


Why we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information:

We collect, hold, use and disclose personal information to;

  1. Identify our users.

  2. Enable us to communicate effectively with our users, e.g. respond to any questions, concerns, or problems raised by the user.

  3. Enhance functionality of the Site and Services when for users. E.g. but not limited to personalised recommendations and submission of customer feedback.

  4. Process purchases.

  5. Understand our users to better meet their needs.

  6. Make our advertising more relevant to users.

  7. Improve our business.

  8. Manage our business.

  9. Comply with our legal obligations.

  10. Pay our providers.

We may contact you by a variety of measures including, but not limited to telephone, email, sms, mail or courier.


Who May See Your Personal Information:

We may disclose your personal information to any of our employees, officers, insurers, professional advisers, agents, suppliers or subcontractors insofar as reasonably necessary for the purposes set out in this Policy. Personal information is only supplied to a third party when it is required for the delivery of our services.


We may also use your personal information to protect the copyright, trademarks, legal rights, property or safety of Mojo Guru Pty Ltd,, its customers or third parties.


We may from time to time need to disclose personal information to comply with a legal requirement, such as a law, regulation, court order, subpoena, warrant, in the course of a legal proceeding or in response to a law enforcement agency request.


Information that we collect may from time to time be stored, processed in or transferred between parties located in countries outside of Australia. These may include, but are not limited to the USA.


If there is a change of control in our business or a sale or transfer of business assets, we reserve the right to transfer to the extent permissible at law our user databases, together with any personal information and non-personal information contained in those databases. This information may be disclosed to a potential purchaser under an agreement to maintain confidentiality. We would seek to only disclose information in good faith and where required by any of the above circumstances.


By providing us with personal information, you consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the types of disclosure covered by this Policy. Where we disclose your personal information to third parties, we will request that the third party follow this Policy regarding handling your personal information.


For Providers, we provide your banking details such as account name, BSB number and account number to ANZ, so they can pay you.



We may use personal information such as location, gender and interests to make the advertising we do more relevant to the user.

We mainly advertise on our website and other electronic services such as email, social media and pay per click, however we occasionally advertise offline as well. We advertise our business as well as other businesses products and services. Our user’s personal information is never passed on to other businesses. We do however reserve the right to display users first name and suburb in relation to reviews and comments that user has made. Please see ‘Reviews, Comments & Ratings including Social Media’ for more information on this.


Users can opt out of marketing emails in their member portal, or be emailing us at


Security of your Personal Information:

We are committed to ensuring that the information you provide to us is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure information and protect it from misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.


The transmission and exchange of information is carried out at your own risk. We cannot guarantee the security of any information that you transmit to us, or receive from us. Although we take measures to safeguard against unauthorised disclosures of information, we cannot assure you that personal information that we collect will not be disclosed in a manner that is inconsistent with this Privacy Policy.


Please refer to our Security Policy below for more information related to security.


How you can access & correct the personal information we hold about you:

Members can access and correct their personal information in their member portal. Providers can access and correct their personal information in their provider portal.


Alternatively any user can contact us via phone, our website or by email at to access and correct information we hold about them. It is the user’s responsibility to keep their personal information we hold correct.


You may request details of personal information that we hold about you in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). A small administrative fee may be payable for the provision of information. If you would like a copy of the information which we hold about you or believe that any information we hold on you is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading, please email us at


We reserve the right to refuse to provide you with information that we hold about you, in certain circumstances set out in the Privacy Act.


Anonymity and Pseudonymity:

You can use our site anonymously. You can purchase as a guest providing your real first name or a pseudonym. We also ask you for an email address. We use this data in order to manage the voucher(s) you purchase on our site, and to correspond with you in relation to those vouchers. When you checkout as a guest we do not add your details to any marketing lists.


If you choose not to provide your personal information we may not be able to provide you with the products and services that you want.


What we will not do with a user’s personal information:

We keep user’s personal information confidential and don’t sell or knowingly divulge user information to advertisers or any other third parties. The only exceptions to this are;

  1. When we give the minimum amount of personal information required for a provider to supply their item to the user;

  2. We are required to share your information with a third party in order to comply with the law or to comply with a court order or subpoena;

  3. To enforce our site terms and conditions, policies and agreements;

  4. If it is necessary to provide it to our third party service providers, if any, such as data storage providers, who will be subject to strict contractual privacy obligations; or

  5. To protect the safety and security of our users and our site.

  6. To facilitate payments to providers.


Sensitive Personal Information:

Our use of the personal information we collect is necessary in order for us to manage our business, and service our users. We do not collect any unnecessary or sensitive personal information such as race, religious beliefs, ethnicity, political beliefs, sexual preferences or criminal records. Any unsolicited personal information that users provide to us that is not required by us to manage our business is, as soon as practical, lawfully destroyed.


How long we hold a user’s personal information:

We will retain your information for as long as a account is active, or as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve issues, address queries and manage our business. If you no longer wish to use our site or services, you may request that your account be deactivated by emailing us at



Our site may from time to time have links to other websites not owned or controlled by us. These links are meant for your convenience only. Links to third party websites do not constitute sponsorship or endorsement or approval of these websites. Please be aware that Mojo Guru Pty Ltd is not responsible for the privacy practises of other such websites. We encourage our users to be aware, when they leave our website, to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personal identifiable information. This Privacy Policy refers only to, our blog, our social media accounts and our advertising.


International Information Disclosure:

Users’ personal information is uploaded to and kept on servers that we maintain or that are maintained by third parties that comply with strict contractual privacy obligations. It is not otherwise transferred internationally except where a copy is sent to the user at their request. Users consent for their personal information to be transferred and stored in this manner at the time of registration.



When you come to our website ( we may collect certain information such as browser type, operating system, website visited immediately before coming to our site, etc. This information is used in an aggregated manner to analyse how people use our site, such that we can improve our service.


Revision of this Privacy Policy:

We reserve the right to change, modify, or revise this Privacy Policy in order to comply with any applicable laws or for any other reason at any time. All modifications will be effective immediately upon our posting of the modifications on our website. We are not obligated to contact you to identify any changes, therefore our users are required to check the Privacy Policy periodically. Users may wish to check this policy each time they submit personal information. You will be deemed to have consented to such variation by your continued use of the Site following any changes being made.


How you can make a complaint:

If you wish to make a complaint about the manner in which we have held or managed your personal information, please outline your concerns in an email to If you’re not satisfied with our response you can lodge a complaint with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. You can find more information about this process here -

Security Policy

We are committed to information security and have adopted a multi-layered security strategy.


All computers that have access to our database are password protected & run virus protection software. Our database uses roll based access restrictions for our team, who receives ongoing security training.


Pages on our site starting with HTTPS are protected by Go Daddy SSL security certificates with a powerful SHA-2, 2048 bit encryption. This encrypts information sent to and from our database so hackers can't read it. You can view the security certification information by clicking on the Go Daddy Secured seal on our site.


Our site is also protected by SiteLock, which scans our site daily for malware, automatically removing any threats. Additional security measures such as a Web Application Firewall (WAF), spam blockers and continuous monitoring are employed to protect our data from malicious bots or hackers, malicious spam and viruses.


All payments are processed through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase on our site. Purchases made via a PayPal account are included in the PayPal buyer protection policy. Details of this policy can be found here. We do not keep any credit card details under any circumstances. We do enforce the entry of the 3 or 4 digit credit card security numbers.


Even with these extensive security measures in place, due to the nature of the internet we are unable to guarantee data security. If you feel that there has been a security breach on our site please contact us immediately.

Cookies Policy

We may from time to time use cookies on our website. Cookies are very small files which a website uses to identify you when you come back to the site and to store details about your use of the site. Cookies are not malicious programs that access or damage your computer. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but you can choose to reject cookies by changing your browser settings. However, this may prevent you from taking full advantage of our website.


Our website may from time to time use cookies to analyses website traffic and help us provide a better website visitor experience. In addition, cookies may be used to serve relevant ads to website visitors through third party services such as Google Adwords. These ads may appear on this website or other websites you visit.