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We're all a little wiser today & understand that baring our skin to the sun increases the risk of melanoma, causes skin damage & ageing plus it gives you leather face down the track (think Magda from There’s Something About Mary). While we encourage you to love the skin you're in, we do understand there are those who adore a sun-kissed glow. Hence the meteoric rise of the spray tan.


However not all services are alike. To avoid harsh chemicals, drips, overspray or looking like an orange Oompa-Loompa, it's essential to source a highly skilled Provider. MojoGuru’s spray tan's are tried, tested & true. We only support Providers who use 100% organic & natural ingredients for safer, golden skin. So bust out the shorts, bikinis & mini skirts & walk away with a gorgeous honey-kissed glow minus the harmful effects of the sun. We’ve got your best bits flawlessly covered!

  • Experienced technicians

  • Skilled techniques

  • 100% Organic products

  •  Bronzing skin tone matching

  • Pre-treatment polish or exfoliation

  • High tech equipment

  • Proper ventilation

  • Tan longevity tips


Your skin is the largest organ on your body, which is reason enough for us to only offer spray tan services that use 100% organic, natural spray tan products. Unlike what you’ll pay at the grocery store for organic, organic spray tan products don’t cost more than traditional spray tanning - ka-ching! That means you don't pay more & you're skin doesn’t absorb synthetic colours, alcohol, oil, parabens, perfumes or harsh chemicals. Plus the results are equal to that of traditional tanning. Here's our top tips ahead of your appointment:

  • Let the Provider know of any dry skin, wounds or allergies

  • It’s best to be sprayed 1-2 days prior to a special event

  • Your tan will need about 12 hours to process

  • Put a coat of clear nail polish on your nails to avoid stains

  • Avoid using deodorant as it’s a barrier to absorption

  • Avoid using moisturiser as it may interrupt absorption

  • Shave or wax at least 24 hours prior

  • Don’t wear jewellery

  • Wear thongs

  • Try not to get wet for 1-2 hours after your spray tan (bring a brollie if it’s raining)

  • Wear loose dark clothing & a g-string to/from the appointment that you don’t mind getting stained

  • Avoid sweaty activities for 12 hours afterwards

  • Avoid exfoliation for 12 hours afterwards

  • Follow your Providers tips closely

  • Buy a tan extender

  • Use shower gels & don’t scrub off your tan in the shower!

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