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Shiatsu is a Japanese massage style that’s traditionally performed on a futon or comfortable floor mat & it literally means finger pressure. While fully clothed & alternating between lying & sitting positions, the Shiatsu Practitioner will examine you to identify areas of need. They then by using pressure, holding, rubbing, heating & stretching techniques they will sensitively but deeply rebalance the flow of energy along the meridians.


This is a holistic treatment where natural body weight combined with fingers, thumbs, elbows, forearms, feet & knees are used by the Practitioner to apply pressure to specific points on the body.


The release of muscular tension feels absolutely amazing! Deeply relaxing & said to be helpful for many conditions - back pain, muscle tension, headaches, neck stiffness, joint pain & sports injuries to name a few – Shiatsu is a powerful form of energy-based bodywork that leaves you with a tremendous overall sense of relaxation & wellbeing.

Rooted in the ancient ‘Anma’ Japanese massage style as well as Chinese acupuncture traditions, Shiatsu uses pressure points that it is believed correlate to organs & energy meridians throughout the body.


The objective of Shiatsu is to stimulate the circulatory system, reduce muscle tension & support an overall sense of relaxation & wellbeing. The practice of applying finger pressure to specific acupoints throughout the body has been used in China since 2000 BC, prior to the use of acupuncture. Acupressure techniques are widely practiced internationally for relaxation, wellness promotion & the treatment of various health conditions.


Multiple human studies suggest the effectiveness of wrist-point (P6) acupressure for treating nausea. Shiatsu has been recognised by the Japanese Government as a form of medical therapy since 1964.

Shiatsu aims to eliminate energy (Ki) imbalances within the body using various pressure points that are said to relate to various organs within the body. This massage practice is influenced by the five Chinese elements of fire, earth, metal, water & wood, which are believed to represent energy within the body.


Shiatsu focuses on finding elemental imbalances & returning that energy to a stable state. Several traditional Asian medical philosophies consider health to be a state of balance in the body that is maintained by the flow of life energy along specific meridians. A disease state is believed to occur when energy flow is blocked, is deficient, or is in excess.


A goal of acupressure is to restore normal life energy flow using finger & palm pressure, stretching, massaging & other bodywork techniques. It's believed that there are 12 primary channels & eight additional pathways circulating life energy throughout the body, maintaining the balance of yin & yang.

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