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Sensitive skin needs a little bit of extra tender loving care & these facials are carefully tailored to deliver just that. Using hypoallergenic products & the gentlest of care, people with irritation prone skin will experience a calming, soothing treatment that reduces inflammation, boost’s the skin’s immunity & reduces future irritation. 


Our Therapist will discuss your skin condition in detail & pinpoint appropriate products & procedures for your facial that are known to reduce inflammation & redness, such as natural fruits & sea-derived extracts. This is a luxuriously gentle touch experience that leaves you feeling relaxed & wonderful, recaptures your happy complexion & provides you with a skin care regime to help maintain that healthy glow from home.

It's a little ironic that as we grow to an age where things don't bug us so much, our skin takes a different turn & starts becoming more irritated & sensitive than it used to. If you feel as though you're constantly trying to manage your skin's issues, you're not alone. Many people experience sensitive skin.


Increased stress, environmental issues, ageing, self-diagnosis & product overkill may contribute to our skin problems. What works for your friend or the celebrity on TV's skin may not be right for you. After all we're all different & there isn't a one size fits all solution. Booking an appointment with one of our Therapists is the best & most sensible approach to learning more about your skin & which products & procedures work best for you. So recapture your glow & book a facial today.

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