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Much has been made about the health benefits of sauna bathing & with good reason. Physically nothing is more invigorating than a deep, healthy cleansing of the pores. Tension fades. Muscles relax. Our mind unwinds.


Saunas have been used by the Finnish to relieve stress, induce sleep, soothe aches & pains, flush toxins, burn calories & cleanse the skin for years. They just feel good & that’s because it’s well documented that our body responds to a gentle, persistent heat.


You can choose from a dry sauna or a wet sauna treatment. Due to the steam, a wet sauna may also ease congestion, inflammation, allergies & respiratory conditions. Combine either types with aromatherapy oils & experience further relaxation & antibacterial benefits. Heat rocks (pardon the pun)!

Many countries such as Finland, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Africa, Canada enjoy a well-established sauna culture. Historically, saunas have played an essential role in bathing & wellbeing in many cultures which is why they have been enjoyed for centuries.


Typically a dry sauna maintains a temperature above dew point so that when water is thrown onto the hot stones, it immediately vapourises creating a dry heat experience. Variable bench seating allows guests to move higher or lower within the room to control their experience.


In contrast, steam baths use a high humidity & a lower temperature to generate steam & relax the muscles, open the pores & flush out toxins. Regardless of your preference, you'll feel wonderful afterwards & the benefits are far too great to ignore.

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