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Your face is important. It’s the first thing that greets the mirror each morning. It’s the one part of your body that is continuously uncovered & exposed to all the elements, pollutants & tempuratures that nature throws at it. In fact, your face is on the job every waking moment representing, reacting, protecting & leading every single interaction you have with the world. So it stands to reason that seeking a small amount of tender loving care & simple, yet effective advice from our qualified Therapist's is a sensible thing to do.


Rejuvenation Facials help restore the lacklustre impact of the daily grind by employing methods to exfoliate, extract, hydrate, stimulate collegan growth, address sun damage & rejuvenate both the superficial layer of skin & deeper tissue. You should see immediate results, especially if they are a regular part of your self care regime. After all, your face has served you beautfully thus far. Now is a good time to return the favour.

Facials aren’t all about pampering … although that’s definitely an upside. There is a massive scientific industry driving advances in technologies & products that effectively treat a multitude of conditions. Because every person has different skin – dry, oily, combo, normal, sensitive – every facial is specifically crafted to suit your skin's situation.


MojoGuru Therapists are highly trained, qualified & they’ve seen a lot of faces so they can diagnose your specific needs & tailor a plan with suitable products & ingredients that  deliver the greatest benefits. They begin by cleansing & analysing your skin under a bright light, then discuss their findings & a proposed approach with you. Once agreed, they perform a safe form of pore extraction, give you a delightful massage followed by a mask with special ingredients & a hydrating moisturiser.


If you’ve never experienced a spa facial, you’re in for a treat. You’ll be surprised by the immediate visible results & regular facials really work magic against the passage of time.

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Note: MojoGuru does not recommend any treatment, therapy or particular provider. We do not recommend that you self-diagnose. If you are suffering from a health condition and before starting a new treatment or therapy, we do recommend that you first consult a GP. More