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Medical Evidence Results

What does this mean?

when you search by entering a symptom on our site, results are provided that may help that symptom. These result are listed in order of effectiveness, according to scientific medical evidence. Where more than one therapy has shown the same level of effectiveness, they are displayed in alphabetical order.

What is evidence?

Comprehensive analysis of a huge number of medical research reports is completed by healthcare professionals conducting clinical work and/or research at academic centres, using standardized instruments. Additionally, blinded review of initial analysis are conducted by multidisciplinary research-clinical faculty at major academic centres with expertise in epidemiology and biostatistic, pharmacology, toxicology, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) research, and clinical practice.

How does MojoGuru use the data?

We purchase the data from so you don't have to. We have custom built our system to sort through all the data and provide the results in this easy to understand format.

Do you have Examples?

Yes, We provide examples of scientific mediacal research report for some therapies and treatments. You can read these in the research tab on the therapy pages.