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Pregnancy is a special time, there’s no doubt about it. Magical. Wonderful. Exciting. The truth is that it’s also a time of anxiety, physiological change, wild hormone rides & fatigue. That makes it all the more important for expectant Mum’s to nurture both mind & body throughout pregnancy to release those worries, rejuvenate sore muscles & simply relax. Pregnancy massage differs from general massage in that MojoGuru's Therapist's are qualified pregnancy massage specialists. They use sensitivity, gentleness, avoid certain pressure points & always factor in the baby. Other key factors in prenatal or antenatal massage is the side-lying body position with pillows or foam cutouts to provide support to the belly & avoid muscular strain as well as the use of carefully selected products. This treatment reduces general pregnancy discomfort, enhances connectedness & promotes a wonderful sense of wellbeing in mothers-to-be. It’s all about comfort, tremendous care, support & blissful relaxation. Good for Mom. Good for baby.

Massage is as old as time itself & is quite possibly one of the oldest forms of care. Pregnancy is probably one of the most beneficial times for a massage due to the number of physical & emotional changes your body will face. You’re growing another little person inside & that takes up a lot of energy! Giving back to yourself is really important right now. The goal of Prenatal Massage is to reduce the discomfort caused by the growth of the baby & changes in weight distribution within the Mother’s body. This can lead to muscle aches, joint stiffness, stress & insomnia. Pregnancy Massage uses a combination of Swedish & Remedial Massage techniques to soothe muscular & back pain. It’s also a wonderful treatment after giving birth to help restore & rejuvenate tired Mum’s. Preliminary studies suggest that Prenatal or Postnatal Massage may help with the following:

  • reduced anxiety

  • improved overall mood

  • decreased stress hormone norepinephrine

  • improved sleep

  • decreased back & leg soreness

It’s important to first discuss having a Pregnancy Massage with your medical practitioner & ensure that the Therapist is suitably qualified & experienced.

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