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Your feet clock up a lot of wear & tear each day. They carry your weight, take the brunt of exercise, get squeezed into shoes, wrapped up in socks, adapt to all sorts of terrain & form a solid foundation for your body. It's not just physical either; the soles of your feet are one of the most nerve-rich areas of the body, busily sending messages to the brain to make fine adjustments to your gait.


When you think about it feet have a rather important job, which is all the more reason to take good care of them. A pedicure does just that. The treatment decreases the chance of infection & ingrown nails, preserves essential moisture, removes hardened dead skin & promotes circulation.


Standard pedicures include a warm bubbly soak, gentle exfoliation, a cuticle treatment, a clip, buff & shape, removal of hardened skin, deep moisturisation & a blissfully relaxing massage. Women tend to top it off with a splash of colour. Men keep it simple. In either case, healthy feet are essential to your overall health so have a pedicure regularly to ensure your tootsies remain happy & in good nick.

Our feet carry us everywhere & because of this it's vital to take care of them. Unfortuantley feet are often neglected, which can lead to painful callouses, bunions, ingrown toenails & other common disorders that become problematic over time. Sure we all try to give them a trim, but that requires contortionist maneuvers & usually ends with a wonky, uneven toe nails.


A Nail Technician is your foot's best friend. They clean, trim, buff & file your toe nails evenly, then remove layers of hardened skin to even out the distribution of pressure on your soles & heels. Your feet will be deeply moisturised which is important in maintaining the skin's integrity to avoid cracks, blisters & callouses. The Technicain will also give you the most wonderful, relaxing foot massage that focuses on pressure points to alleviate stress, pain & discomfort (it feels SO good). So start today off on the right foot & book yourself in for a pedicure.

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