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Real men get facials. Well maybe not all real men...but they should! Statistics show that men actually do go to spas. In fact, they account for over a 3rd of the spa market, because taking care of your health, wellbeing & skin is something everyone "gets" now a days.


Today's spa's are gender-neutral & craft distinctive menus, products & treatments formulated to meet the specific needs of men. If you have shaving-related conditions such as razor burn, sensitivity, in-grown hairs or roughness a facial will address these conditions plus acne, excessive sweating from sport, pollution & aging related issues. Your Esthetician will conduct an analysis & recommend a tailored approach to your facial using products containing ingredients that best suit your skin.


Because we're all different, every facial is different but generally speaking you can expect a deep pore cleanse, exfoliation, hydration, massage toning & lots of moisturisation plus practical advice on products & regimes that you can easily follow at home. You work hard. So leave your worries at the door, re-energise the batteries & do something for yourself & your skin.

Men are manly. They chop wood, drink beer, play sport, make decisions. Total generalisation. The point is there’s a preconceived notion of what men want & usually going to a spa isn’t considered one of them. Or is it? Fact: Men account for the fastest growing segment of spa-goers. They want grooming products & services, massages, acupuncture, facials, manicure’s, pedicures PLUS they want to know exactly what each does for them.


MojoGuru Providers are serious about Men (in a totally appropriate way). They've created a comfortable, gender-neutral environment for men where it’s all about them having a moment to re-energise & relax. In fact, many of our Providers now offer male clients a beer, put the game on, feel good about themselves & walk away looking amazing. And that’s something everyone can understand.

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