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If you’ve never seen Judo you’re in for a breathtaking show. Judo means “gentle way” in Japanese & what’s clever about it is that the objective is to technically outsmart opponents by unbalancing them with spectacular throws & impressive ground techniques. Think maximum efficiency, minimum effort.


Classes focus on safety & teach vital leverage, throwing & falling skills plus it'll give you a powerful cardio workout. In Judo smarts & skills outperform strength (listen up bullies). Judo is an intelligent approach to training the mind & body.

Dr. Jigoro Kano is the founding father of Judo & opened his first school in 1882 after studying the art of Jujitsu for several years. Yearning for physical & mental training, Dr. Kano felt that while Jujitsu training provided techniques of merit, no one school provided him complete mastery. So he set out to blend Jujitsu techniques with his philosophy of providing training principles based upon mutual welfare & benefit alongside maximum efficiency & minimum effort.

Dr. Kano, founder of Judo theorises his vision as follows: “In short, resisting a more powerful opponent will result in your defeat whilst adjusting to & evading your opponent’s attack will cause him to lose his balance, his power will be reduced & you will defeat him. This can apply whatever the relative values of power, thus making it possible for weaker opponents to beat significantly stronger ones.”


Kano believed that his Judo art form evolved from a much broader philosophy, which aligned the efficient execution of techniques with a pathway to self-improvement & the betterment of society as a whole.

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