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Unless we're asleep, our hands are always at work. In fact they're probably the busiest part of our body so it's important to treat them to a little R&R every now & again.


Manicures are one of the best treatments you can give your hands to restore moisture, promote nail growth & enhance the overall health of your fingernails. There are many types of manicures to choose from, however most include an invigorating exfoliation to remove dead skin, cuticle softening, deep moisturisation, nail buff & shape, a relaxing massage & a polish.


Whether you choose a men's manicure, fire engine red laquer, a classic french, square or oval shape or you dabble with nail embellishments, well groomed nails express your personality. Given all that our hands do for us, a good manicure is the best way to revitalise, recharge, pamper & return the favour. And that deserves some applause.

Manicures make us feel good. They're a fabulous way to pamper ourselves & are undeniably one of the most relaxing treatments available today. But they offer you so much more than indulgence. They help you de-stress after a busy week, keep your nails healthy, strong & clean, slough away dead skin, maintain soft, smooth skin & promote blood circulation.


Regular manicures serve to prevent ingrown nails, rough, dry, cracked skin, overgrown cuticles & nail bed breaking, flaking, splitting or staining. They are a fabulous gift for the time poor man or woman in need of relaxation - that includes you too!

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