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The difference between what we do with cosmetics infront of the mirror to that of a highly accomplished Makeup Artist is like chalk & cheese. And with their collective academic study & experience it's no wonder. Makeup Artists speak with you to uncover your character, learn how you express yourself as an individual & mirror this with their artistry. What they do with brushes, liners, contours, colours & highlights is completely transformative.


Their expertise brings out a brides natural beauty so that in every photo she looks exquisite - without touch ups. They can draw error free lines & blend colours or highlights to craft stunning eyes & natural, flawless skin. Be the need, bridal, special event, corporate or a wonderful pick-me-up, a professional Makeup Artist will skillfully enhance your features & create the vision you're after.

Makeup Artist's have arguably one of the most satisfying careers because they use their expertise to leave people looking & feeling beautiful. Their form of artistry differs only in that their subject is a human canvas.


Their medium consists of a bespoke kit containing their favourite brands, pigments, brushes & tools which often includes skincare products which artists believe are equally important as the cosmetics themselves. They understand bone structure, are creative, experimental & have an incredible understanding of colour. Everyone should have their makeup done professionally at least once. You don't require a special ocassion - sometimes it's just nice to learn the tricks of the trade from a pro, feel pampered & beautiful.

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