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There is something enigmatic about Kung Fu. Perhaps this resinates within its ancient Chinese origins, it’s modeling of animal movement & nature or it’s deep philosophical ties to Buddhism & Taoism. Bruce Lee once said, “Mere technical knowledge is only the beginning of Kung Fu, to master it one must enter into the spirit of it.”


The actual term Kung Fu refers to an individual accomplishment achieved from effort. But it is not only a sense of accomplishment you’ll gain from a Kung Fu teacher. The benefits of Kung Fu classes provide you with the ability to protect against opponents & disable them swiftly. Through technical training you’ll learn to use kicks, blocks, both open & closed hand strikes, throws & joint locks.


With regular practice, Kung Fu will transform your body & develop within you incredible mental strength. "Discipline your body Grasshopper, that you may find a greater power". Master Po, Kung Fu.

During Kung Fu class, students learn to master a number of technical components from their Instructor:


The Basics
You’ll learn simple movements such as stretching, meditation, striking, throwing & jumping. The conditioning exercises are designed to strengthen your muscles & provide you with the level of flexibility required to progress with training.


These steps & postures form a solid foundation for your body & are marked by foot position, weight distribution & alignment.


Meditation & Breathing Exercises
Breathing exercises are fundamental to Kung Fu because they calm & focus the mind, channel energy, clarity & they form the very basis of many forms


Forms are a series of predetermined movements combined so they can be practiced as a continuous set of movements.

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