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If you want a fitness routine that gets results, releases stress & motivates you to get off the couch then Kickboxing is a good fit. Classes vary in intensity & skill level but each starts with a warm up & progresses into teaching you techniques by either working with a partner or the bag.


Before you know it you’ll be using punch & kick combinations with lightening speed. You’ll gain strength, endurance & your body is going to get ‘really’ lean. But Kickboxing isn’t just about physical fitness. Oh no. It gives you discipline & a warrior mindset, which is key to accomplishing goals in all areas of life. If none of this matters then all you need to know is that having an all-out-bash-on-the-bag is a lot of fun.

Kickboxing is thought of as a hybrid martial art formed by the combination of elements borrowed from many styles. It’s used for self-defense, general fitness & sport.


Kickboxing is a broad term, but if we look at modern competition, it was during the 1950s that the outline of a new sport combining Karate & Muay Thai elements first emerged in Japan. Techniques include punching, kicking, knee & elbow strikes, & defense. There is a lot of cardio involved in Kickboxing plus it builds muscle all over. Students learn to be light on their toes & it’s absolutely fantastic for building self-esteem.

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