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As Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid said, “Lesson not just karate only. Lesson for whole life. Whole life have a balance.”


Karate classes suit all ages & abilities. The dojo is a blend of kids, teenagers, parents, grandparents & seasoned competitors respectfully moving thru the katas together, developing their defensive & counter attack movements. But it’s the mental & moral aspect of this art form aimed toward overall personal improvement & values that makes Karate so special.


Karate is a place where you’ll work your entire body, develop patience & be encouraged to become the very best you by both peers & the Sensei. Banzei Daniel-san!

Karate emerged as a blend of both Japanese & Chinese martial arts originating from Okinawa Island in Japan. As trade relations with China strengthened, fighting styles began to be shared between families.


Over time a student named Itosu Anko adapted a more simplified kata for less advanced students which helped karate gain more mainstream acceptance. Anko, often referred to as "The Grandfather of Modern Karate", introduced karate instruction into the Okinawa public schools & many of his students went on to become great Karate Masters.

Karate masters regardless of style all agree on one thing: Those who misuse Karate bring dishonor upon themselves. In fact, Masters do not consider it unusual for a practitioner to only use Karate in a confrontation perhaps once during their lifetime. Instead the underlying focus of Karate is to develop qualities of humility, gentleness, selflessness, courtesy & respect – indecisiveness is perceived as a weakness.


Establishing these values is vital as only those with a clear mind & conscience will truly understand the knowledge & lessons Karate offers.

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