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Because modern day life is stressful, a Hot Stone Massage can counter-balance the effects of stress & help you get back to feeling like yourself again.


This popular heat-based massage style has evolved from the ancient Native American therapy of treating muscle aches with hot stones. The treatment involves a trained Therapist using smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands alongside placement of stones on key points along the body.


The heat generated from the stones is deeply relaxing & efficiently warms up tight muscles so that the Therapist can work more deeply. The stones, which are usually volcanic & smoothed naturally by water, are sanitized & heated in a bath of 120-150 degree water prior to the treatment.


You begin by laying face down on the massage table while your Therapist massages your back holding a heated stone. The stones, which vary in shape & size, are also positioned on the back & once you’ve turned over in the palm & sometimes between the toes dependent upon client need.


Some Therapists place stones on points, which they believe to be energy centers in an effort to rebalance the body. The Therapist ensures that the stones are never too hot as they handle them prior to application. The heat warms, relaxes, improves circulation, calms the nervous system & promotes wellbeing.


It is thought that a Hot Stone Massage is beneficial for back pain, muscle aches, poor circulation, stress, anxiety, insomnia & depression.

Although considered a newer technique, Hot Stone masage is actually influenced by three ancient cultures: Chinese, Native Americans & Hawaiians. The purpose of using heated stones by ancient Practitioners included the relief of muscle tension, abdomen cramping, improved digestion, massage & the treatment of disease.


For the Hawaiians, it was customary to wrap hot stones in leaves with particular therapeutic properties & place these on sore muscles to reduce pain – very much like today’s heat packs!


The use of hot stones in massage was revived by Mary Nelson in 1993 who combined the hot stones with her massage therapy treatments coined LaStone Therapy.  This form of massage is believed to promote deep relaxation, stress reduction & a range of other benefits such as increased motion & improved circulation. A Hot Stone Massage is a wonderful way to manage stress efficiently & effectively.

The premise behind Hot Stone Massage therapy is that the direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the Therapist to access deeper muscle layers. it is also thought the hot stones expand blood vessels to encourage blood flow & promote a deep sense of relaxation.


Trigger points which are commonly knots of tension commonly found in the shoulder, trapezius muscles are often dispersed by using the edge of stones - feeling the knot ease away is a wonderful sensation.


Due to their versatility & heat distribution benefits, hot stones are not only being used for body massage but also a tool used by some Therapists during facial, manicure & pedicure treatments.

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