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There is something about the ocean that draws us in & calms the soul. Hugely popular throughout Europe, Thalassotherapy harnesses the nutrient rich properties of the sea & marine environment to deliver various treatments that restore vital minerals lost to stress, pollution & poor diet or lifestyle. Think lush seaweed or marine-mud wraps, warm salt scrubs, seaside rejeuvenation centres offering heated salt-water or thermal pools.


Many believe these natural  treatments aide sleep issues, depression, surgery recovery, cellulite, arthritis & muscle discomfort. The principle behind marine-based therapies is that immersion in warm sea-water, mud, clay & protein-rich algae helps to restore the body’s chemical balance as the skin absorbs the ocean’s rich mineral elements & antioxidants. So if you need to recharge, relax & heal, a Thalassotherapy spa experience will release every molecule of stress & allow you to find harmony with your body & spirit.

The use of the sea’s nutrient-rich properties has been used for our health & wellness for thousands of years. Both the Greeks & Roman’s are famous for their sea-based treatments. Euripides wrote, “The Sea heals man’s illnesses.” Hippocrates, the father of medicine refers to the benefits of seawater in his Treaty of Medicine.


The English & French have used ocean side thermal stations & seawater treatments for curative purposes throughout history. The Ocean is good for us. Thalassotherapy treatments are always conducted by qualified Therapists using heated natural seawater, mud & seaweed to deliver wonderful benefits your body & soul. So when in Rome … do as the Romans.

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