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Hatha Yoga classes offer a gentle introduction to basic yoga postures which is a wonderful place to start off if you're new or starting off your yoga practice.


Hatha is recommended for those with mobility issues, seniors & pregnancy (with modifications). Classes offer a slower pace so students can really focus on familiarising themselves with the basic postures & breathing exercises while becoming comfortable in a studio setting.


While you probably won't work up a sweat, the benefits of Hatha Yoga include stress relief, deep relaxation & all the goodness of physical exercise.


It’s thought that Hatha Yoga dates back to the 15th century & was used to prepare practitioners for long periods of meditation. Today Hatha not only helps yoga “newbie’s” understand traditional yoga practices, it informs new yoga styles of the authentic principles of yoga.


A key pillar of the Hatha style is controlled breathing which is believed to improve the oxygenation of the body & alleviate stress. It’s extremely useful for relaxation & offers many health benefits to people in this busy, sometimes stressful world in which we live.

The philosophy of yoga involves creating a balance between your physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing. Through the practice of physical postures, mental exercise, breathing techniques, deep relaxation & a pure diet Hatha Yoga enables that balance to be achieved by creating a connection with the natural flow of energy in the universe.


The beautiful thing about Hatha is it understands that no two people are the same & it is easily adaptable to different lifestyles, circumstances or limitations.

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