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The hammam (a.k.a Turkish bath, Moroccan hammam or hamam) is a unique, ancient Middle Eastern body cleansing ritual that takes relaxation, restoration & body cleansing to a new level of luxury. This hot steam hydrotherapy treatment offers wonderful effects to both mental & physical states - it is so utterly divine that we recommend you experience it at least once during a lifetime.


Through the use of heat & steam, the treatment soothes & relaxes tense muscles, improves circulation, deeply cleanses the pores, shifts cold symptoms & expels toxins. Some believe the treatment alleviates aches & pains due to an increase in the circulation of oxygen to damaged areas of the body.


Therapists are highly respectful of privacy & upon arrival you’ll be given a modesty towel & relaxation time to recline on a warm marble slab within a heated room to open your skins pores. While there are many variations, generally the hammam involves a restorative full body exfoliation using a specialised glove, traditional black soap & essential oils leaving the skin deeply cleansed, soft & hydrated. Some hammams include a rich, nourishing hair treatment in addition to the gentle exfoliation & cleansing of your limbs, back, shoulders & feet. Following the scrub, your Therapist will gently wash away the residue with pure water & complete the ritual with an indulgent massage using organic essential oils.


Often further relaxation time is offered in a cooling down room where you're wrapped in a thick robe & can put your feet up while sipping a blend of organic tea to complete your experience. Absolute & utter bliss.

The lavishly constructed Turkish Baths or Hamam is an ancient social ritual adopted by the Ottoman’s from the Roman’s as means of cleansing, purification & relaxation. The baths played a key role in promoting hygiene & public health but importantly also served as a place for socialisation.


The hamam layout hasn’t changed since that time & consists of three distinct rooms: a warm room, a hot room & a cooling-off room. Guests are welcomed by a bath attendant & provided with a cotton wrap, non-slip shoes & an exfoliation mitt. Once changed, the guest enters the warm room with a constant flow of hot air to relax the muscles & open the pores. The guest will then enter the hot room & recline on a heated marble slab where the attendant vigorously cleanses the body with a mitt & black soap, performs a full body wash followed by a massage. Finally the guest retires to the cool room for relaxation & refreshments.

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