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The best kept hair removal secret of Cleopatra herself is now gaining popularity here & it's called Sugaring. Also known as Middle Eastern Waxing, Sugaring uses only the purest, natural ingredients: lemon juice, honey, sugar & rose water. It's similar to chewing gum in terms of consistency & the benefits of using all natural ingedients without chemical additives includes the softest, smoothest skin & the reduced chance of allergic reactions. What's more is that honey is also known as the 'Nectar of the Gods' & offers antioxident & antiseptic powers to deeply moisturise the skin.


The technique itself utilises a back & forth motion to remove the hair from the root, reducing re-growth & hair strength with time. The removal results are equal to that of waxing, minus the chemicals. So sugar your way to smoother, hairfree skin for up to six weeks without any nasty chemicals.

For centuries Middle Eastern women have passed down a recipe to their daughters that has until now been a well guarded secret in natural hair removal. The recipe contains nothing but anti-oxident rich, natural ingredients that removes the hair follicle from the root leaving skin incredibly soft & smooth. Sugar, water & lemon juice form the base with some adding rose water or honey which results in a grain free, smooth paste when applied to the leg, bikini line or under arm.


The back & forward motion works in the direction of hair growth to remove the hair easily while the honey deeply moisturises the skin. The method when used over time thins the hair & reduces regrowth. Sugaring is a completely natural way to manage hair removal that has stood the test of time & doesn't have any nasty additives.

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