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Regular exercise delivers some serious benefits not only to your body, but also to your brain. If you need a little motivation, read on. Exercise isn’t just about cardio health, building muscles or weight loss. It also boosts brain function for young and old alike.


So if you’ve had a tough day, heading into the gym or even just taking a walk increases norepinephrine & moderates your brains response to stress. It also releases endorphins (those things that make you feel happy), prevents cognitive decline & sharpens your memory. You’ll have more energy (which can improve your sex life), get more done & you'll feel pretty awesome about yourself.


So grab a water bottle, get in amongst it & refresh both your body & brain in one hit.

Regular exercise improves peoples lives. Full stop. Need convincing? Here's a list of scientifically proven benefits that 30 minutes of regular exercise delivers:

- helps prevent weight gain

- maintains weight loss

- reduces risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease

- improves your mood

- boosts energy

- promotes better sleep

- sparks up your sex life

- releases anxiety, tension & stress

- improves self confidence

- prevents cognitive decline

- sharpens your memory

- helps control addiction

- lowers blood cholestorol levels

- lowers the risk of osteoporosis

- improves the overall quality of your life


That's a long list. That's a lot of benefits. Too many too ignore. Don't procrastinate. Nurture a healthy you today for a better life tomorrow. Join a gym.

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