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Buckle-up people, we're making a bold statement: Shaped eyebrows can & will dramatically transform your face. 'Tis true. Although a seemingly simple thing, having your eyebrows gently arched by one of our experts will lift & open up the eye area creating an instantly more youthful appearance. Plus you'll learn how to maintain the look at home.


The magic is all in the proportioning, balancing & framing of your eyebrows to your features which delivers the impact. Not just any ol' Therapist can do this well. But MojoGuru's can & do. No more expenive beauty treatments or invasive surgery (we're looking at you Botox). So go ahead, flaunt a new polished appearance & your peepers. Afterall they are the window to your soul & deserve nothing less.

Our Eyebrow Artists (or Whisperers as some are aptly titled) are utterly obssessed with creating perfectly shaped natural eyebrows to suit your facial structure. They'll discuss your needs & analyse your bone structure to determine where your brow should start, peak, arch & end. The Artist may also suggest a tint to enhance the fullness of the brow.


Techniques generally use threading, waxing or tweezing methods to deliver an enhancement that brings out a youthful, bright-eyed you. An eyebrow makeover is something everyone should try once in their life, if for nothing else to see the difference such a subtle change delivers to your beauty. Amazing! Book your appointment today.

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