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Certified Practitioners

We take provider standards seriously. Our standards work in conjunction with user ratings and reviews, which are shown on the vouchers and in the ‘Reviews’ tab on each voucher page.


Only providers that comply with all of our terms and conditions are certified & accepted by us. We will revoke any providers’ certification and remove their listings from our site, if they provide poor quality products or services or fail to comply with our terms & conditions.


While these standards are an attempt to list only high quality providers, we cannot guarantee that every provider experience will be a great one. We do however provide our 48 hour ‘unsatisfied’ refund. It is important to note that we in no way indorse or recommend any providers or therapy listed on our site.

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  • Gov. Criteria
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  • Health Insurance

All of the therapy providers listed on our site are required to meet the government & legislative requirements, plus our additional requirements, plus are required to be a registered provider with at least one of the approved health insurers. These requirements are all found in the tabs above.

Additionally they are also required to meet the therapy specific certification requirements, which you can see by selecting each therapy type in the filter option above.

Government & Legislated Criteria:

Must be a registered provider with a health insurance company that is registered under the Private Health Insurance Act 2007, or be sufficiently qualified to meet the requirements of the Private Health Insurance Act 2007. The full act can be found here.

  1. Must comply with the Private Health Insurance Accreditation Rules 2011, which can be found here.

  2. Must comply with the Private Health Insurance Code of Conduct, which can be found here.

The Private Health Insurance Act 2007, Private Health Insurance Accreditation Rules 2011 & Private Health Insurance Code of Conduct:

These are extensive documents outlining many aspects in the healthcare industry. Although we require the providers we certify to comply with the entire contents of these documents, the particular items we’re interested in relate to the standard of treatment that health care providers must meet. This includes the requirement that the therapists providing the treatments must be a member of a professional organisation (industry association) which:

(a) Is a national entity which has membership requirements for the profession; and

(b) Provides assessment of the health care provider in terms of the appropriate level of training and education required to practise in that profession; and

(c) Administers a continuing professional development scheme in which the health care provider is required, as a condition of membership, to participate; and

(d) Maintains a code of conduct which the health care provider must uphold in order to continue to be a member; and

(e) Maintains a formal disciplinary procedure, which includes a process to suspend or expel members, and an appropriate complaints resolution procedure.

Furthermore, if a treatment is provided in a State or Territory where a law of that State or Territory requires the premises in which the treatment is provided to have a permission or approval to provide a treatment of that kind, the requirement is that the premises must have that permission or approval under that law.

Our Additional Requirements:

In addition to the government and legislative criteria, we stipulate that our certified providers must also meet our additional requirements. These include;

  1. Education - This refers to the minimum level of education and qualifications required in field. You can read these requirements by using the filter options above.

  2. First Aid - Possession of a current Senior/Workplace First Aid certificate or equivalent.

  3. Continued Professional Education - Providers must demonstrate participation in CPE, aiming to maintain practical and theoretical skills in areas directly related to the chosen field of practice by completing a minimum of 20 CPE points per annum. (1 point = 1 hour)

  4. Insurance - The provider must supply evidence confirming possession of a current Professional Indemnity Insurance policy of $1,000,000 minimum per claim. The professional indemnity insurance policy must cover each practice and each modality covered by the registration.

  5. Quality - Providers must provide their specialised product or service to the high standards acceptable to, as well as in accordance with all standards, guidelines, obligations and legislation relevant to their profession and the services they provide.

  6. Privacy - Protect the privacy of their patient’s personal information in accordance with the current Privacy Act and relevant State Privacy legislation.

  7. Must conduct their business in an appropriate environment. As a minimum this relates to appropriate approvals under the law (Occupational Health and Safety, as well as any Local Council, State or Federal laws that apply to their practice), however it also extends to include aesthetic beauty, comfort, safety & security.

  8. If registration or a licence is required for the providers specialty then the provider must be registered, or hold a licence, under any relevant state or territory legislation to render treatment for which recognition is sought.

  9. The provider maintains comprehensive and accurate patient records, that are made at the time or as soon after the service as practicable, that clearly identify the patient and the treatment provided, and are written in English and understandable by a third party.

  10. Must comply with our all of the terms & conditions and policies of this site and of the Provider Agreement.

​Providers must be a registered provider with at least one of the following health insurance companies:

  • ACA Health Benefits Fund

  • ahm Health Insurance

  • Australian Unity Health Limited

  • Bupa Australia Pty Ltd

  • CBHS Health Fund Limited

  • CDH Benefits Fund

  • Central West Health Cover

  • CUA Health Limited

  • Defence Health Limited

  • Doctors' Health Fund

  • GMF Health

  • GMHBA Limited

  • Grand United Corporate Health

  • HBF Health Limited

  • HCF

  • Health Care Insurance Limited

  • Health Insurance Fund of Australia Limited

  • Health Partners


  • Latrobe Health Services

  • Medibank Private Limited

  • Mildura District Hospital Fund Ltd

  • National Health Benefits Australia Pty Ltd (onemedifund)

  • Navy Health Ltd

  • NIB Health Funds Ltd.

  • Peoplecare Health Insurance

  • Phoenix Health Fund Limited

  • Police Health

  • Queensland Country Health Fund Ltd

  • Railway and Transport Health Fund Limited

  • Reserve Bank Health Society Ltd

  • St.Lukes Health

  • Teachers Health Fund

  • Transport Health Pty Ltd

  • TUH

  • Westfund Limited