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Forget any old-school, brutish ideas you had about boxing. As a workout regime boxing is all about technique, not ruthless strength. That's why its emerged as one of THE most effective & popular ways to get your body into prime condition.


Classes include both men & women of all ages & begins with a 10-minute warm-up, about 30 minutes of boxing followed by a 10-minute cool down period. Expect a high intensity, full body workout – you’ll be on the move the entire time - whether you're doing squats, sparring, ducking, weaving or working on your abs.


If you put in the effort, you’ll get jaw dropping results & float like a butterfly, sting lke a bee.

From its early beginnings in ancient Greece & it’s evolution during 18th Century England thru to today, boxing can comfortably wear the badge as being one of the oldest sport around. It’s based upon 3 main styles: out-fighter (boxer), brawler (slugger) & in-fighter (swarmer).


The philosophy of each style is that they have both an advantage & a disadvantage over each other. The sport has gained enormous popularity as a fitness activity as a result of the cardio & strength training benefits attributed to training.

Boxing’s gain in global popularity as a workout has much to do with its combination of exercises that increase strength, power, coordination, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness & endurance. It’s often referred to as “the perfect workout” because the exercises over time have been technically & scientifically designed to improve reflexes, endurance, flexibility, speed, power & cardiovascular fitness.


Boxing enhances confidence, self-esteem and is a fantastic stress reliever. It is without question a form of exercise that with regular practice, will seriously enhance your physical & mental wellbeing.

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