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those who've tried a body wrap rave about it. And who wouldn't given the multitude of benefits: relaxation, moisturisation, exfoliation, skin detoxification - it's a lot of "tions".


Treatments begin with a gentle exfoliation to cleanse away old dead skin cells & reveal the bright, youthful skin underneath the surface. After a rinse, a nourishing wrap is delicately applied to the body using seaweed, herbal, clay, mud or fruit based ingredients. Once complete, the wrap is covered to maximise heat & boost absorption. You'll rest & unwind in a dimly lit room for a period of time while the wrap works it's magic.


Once the wrap is removed, you'll find your skin is supple, soft, cleansed & deeply nourished. No wonder Cleopatra was a fan!

Body wraps have been used throughout the centuries by Romans, Egyptians & Greeks alike. In fact, Cleopatra was famed for applying clay from the River Nile as part of her body wrap beauty regime. There are many types of body wraps using a variety of different ingredients for specific conditions such as hydration, detoxification or pure pampering.


The perks from a a body wrap treatment include moisturisation, exfoliation, detoxification & relaxation. Just be mindful that there is little evidence to support weight loss or cellulite removal claims - that's where exercise & a healthy diet come into play.

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