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Healthy skin simply radiates. A luxurious skin exfoliation treatment can help you get that glow.


Because our skin is constantly generating new cells at the lower level it's essential to slough the older cells away to make way for those beautiful young cells to surface. Exfoliation also allows mositurisers or serums to much more effectively penetrate the epidermus.


While you relax on a massage table your therapist will assess what is best suited to your skin - be it aging, dry, sensitive or oily - then gently apply an all over body scrub recipe specifically formulated to deeply cleanse, hydrate & remove the cloak of dullness from your skin.


Did we mention that a body scrub feels absolutely heavenly & deeply calming? Ohhhh you're in for a well-deserved treat! The result is softer, healthier, replenished skin & a little more umpf in your complexion. Divine!

The ancient Egyptians knew exfoliation was essential for a youthful appearance & they used treatments in much the same way that we do today. They understood that by using a gentle abrasive such as soft tree fibers (think loofah) all over the body the skin would become unclogged & remove aging cells revealing the glowing youthful, new skin beneath. Today,  exfoliation is considered to be one of "THE" most effective ways to manage skin conditions & achieve a healthy glow. It's important to understand that there are a few types of scrubs:

1. Physical: rubbing abrasive material on the skin to whisk away the old, dead skin cells that pile up on the surface

2. Chemical: using enzymes, acids or retinol to break the bond between old & new cells


Talk to one of our certified therapists today. They'll offer you knowledgeable insight as to which method is best suited to your skin type.

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