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Mineral Bath (Hot & Cold)

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Imagine yourself submerged in a pure natural occurring geothermal pool rich in health-giving sodium, potassium, magnesium & bicarbonate. Lie back, relax & allow all the stresses of daily life to gently slip away - disappear. The moment is one of blissful tranquility & harmony with nature.


Mineral baths are drawn straight from a natural source flowing deep underground. You can choose to enjoy the experience as a solitary moment or in a group with friends or colleagues for a more social experience.


Some mineral bath facilities also provide a cold plunge pool where you can alternate between hot & cold immersions which is believed to increase circulation by bringing blood to the capillaries, strengthen the parasympathetic & sympathetic nervous systems, contract muscles in a simulated massage that helps eliminate toxins & strengthen the mucous membranes that help resist hay fever, allergies, colds & coughs.


Reconnect with your body, mind & nature – taking care of yourself is so very important for the soul & helps you better care for the other things in your life.

Balneology is the scientific study of the therapeutic benefits of naturally occurring mineral waters. In Australia, this science is not very well known & is even less seldom practiced. However, throughout Europe & Japan, balneology & hot springs therapy is very much a part of routine medical care.


Medical prescriptions are given by licensed doctors for the treatment of a wide range of conditions & utilising mineral waters as a part of preventative medicine is widely recognized & encouraged.


Hot spring soaking has a deep & far reaching tradition in North America, starting with the indigenous North American Native Tribes who considered choice hot springs to be "power spots" in nature. Native cultures universally utilised the natural waters for healing, purification ceremonies, sacred gatherings, & tribal meetings.

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