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As we age we grow wiser. But just because we’re wiser doesn’t mean we want to look the part. That’s where an anti-aging facial specialises - to help restore a more youthful complexion.


There are many techniques used with this facial ranging from vitamin-infused serums, collagen creams to light therapy. But regardless of approach, an anti-aging facial will include a deep cleanse followed by a skin analysis that targets your unique needs. Your Aesthetician will gently exfoliate & cleanse, apply a deeply nourishing hydration mask, give you an amazing, rejuvenating facial massage followed up with more hydration.


Anti-aging facials can help your skin look & feel its best, plus they help treat the impacts of age from your 20's all the way through to your 80's. And that's a good thing.

If we're honest, we’d probably all take a tiny sip from the mythical fountain of youth given the chance. Fantasy aside, the study of aging isn’t merely vanity. The ancient Egyptians & Chinese were the first to document their efforts to halt the aging process & remain young & beautiful. Over thousands of years anti-aging has developed into a complex scientific study of molecular biology.


Today treatments are specifically formulated to cast away dead cells, moisturize, improve circulation, rejuvenate & wage all out war on the signs of aging. They’re a wonderful preventative measure & suit those who aren’t comfortable with invasive surgery.


Much progress has been made over the past 20 years within the field & it’s never too late to start investing in regular treatments from both a preventative or maintenance point of view. While no one can beat the clock, anti-aging facials can certainly slow it down. Wouldn't Cleopatra be thrilled!

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