About Us


It's not just business...it's personal.


The idea for MojoGuru was first formed in 2013 and evolved over years of research into the viability of building a product that could combine evidence based research, quality Providers to the health and wellness industry. During our research we discovered that there was no website in existence where you could search by symptom, get results in order of effectiveness based on medical research, find a therapy and Provider, and purchase a session with that Provider. Our research also highlighted the significant need for such a service.


We then scoured the world to partner with the best research analytics providers and built MojoGuru. We're truly excited as MojoGuru has the potential to truly help a large number of people. We hope it helps you.








Our goal is not to do business with just anybody. It's to do business with people who believe what we believe.


We believe in thinking differently, simplicity, beauty & effectiveness.


We believe that knowing the facts and quality rather than quantity drives better outcomes. All our Providers are quality certified by us, all our information is based on evidence as determined by peer reviewed scientific research. And we back this up with a money back guarantee.


We believe that quality health and wellness Providers should treat as many people as possible. So we've created a simple, risk free way to send them new customers.


What do you believe?




To inspire and facilitate the wellness of people, businesses and our planet.




Integrity: Without this we've got nothing


Mindfulness & Perspective: Defining what really matters, then delivering it...pronto


Customer Focused: No exceptions


Passion: What drives us


Quality: Be the best, not the biggest


Resourceful: Do more with less



Hi, I'm Rhonda. I'm a wife, a mother and a customer experience design consultant. Having designed best-in-class customer experiences for the largest and most successful businesses around the world, I know one thing without doubt...the customer MUST be at the centre of everything we do.


I've collated and transformed research and data into better business outcomes many times. While the benefits to customers were evident, I was looking for a more direct way of improving life outcomes. Then it hit me...I can. The same proven principle of research and quality implementation can be used to improve wellness outcomes for customers and for wellness businesses.


Hi I'm Ben. I'm a husband, a father, a relationship manager and an analyst. MojoGuru gave me the opportunity to help create a product with optimum outcomes for customers and Providers. Being a sporty person, who frequently sustains injuries, I am thrilled that we all now have the ability to know which therapy and which provider is right for my circumstances. No more wasting thousands of dollars and months on inappropriate treatments - yay!